Malaika Cooper

Ms. Cooper joined Sansone Group in 2016 and oversees residential property management for properties throughout the state of Missouri. 

Malaika is responsible for owner reporting, HUD/MHDC correspondence and trains all Section 8 residential property managers.  Ms. Cooper has worked in the field of residential property management since 1990 and has experience in Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC), Section 8 project-based housing, and multi-family conventional. 

Agency Wants Rams Park Back in the Game

The Regional Sports Authority wants the now-empty Rams Park to get back in the game. The Sansone Group is tasked with finding a new tenant for the former practice facility in Earth City.

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St. Louis sports authority aims to make money off Rams' former training facility

Jilted by the Rams, the St. Louis Regional Convention and Sports Complex Authority is hoping to generate revenue from the team’s former practice facility in Earth City — even as the agency and the football team continue to fight over future ownership of the site. The St.

Sansones to market Rams Park to potential tenants

The former practice site of the St. Louis Rams, which has sat vacant since March after the team moved to Los Angeles, is now under management by Clayton-based Sansone Group.